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The gilded cage...Obamacare

Posted on: September 21, 2009 2:23 pm

As we continue to trend left toward the socialist agenda of our leadership I am reminded of this parable:

The hamster lives a wonderful life.  His food and drink is provided, his home is provided, and even his exercise is provided through great distances of twisty tubes and things that spin.  He even has a maid come and clean his house every so often. When he is sick, health care is provided free of charge.  He really has it made.


So why is it he is always trying to chew his way to freedom?


We all have our own definition of freedom and none of them include a gilded cage.

Minus 5 in the turnover margin is a recipe for defeat anywhere including in the SEC. WVU is minus 8 in its last two games and is 1-1.  Get it straightened out and the Eers could be tough.

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Posted on: September 28, 2009 2:14 pm

The gilded cage...Obamacare

So why is it he is always trying to chew his way to freedom?

Because he is missing one thing. . .miss hamster. . .or more correctly Miss hamsters.  Give a guy food, shelter, and an attractive hamster and he's not clawing his way out of anything.  Now a female hamster on the otherhand would clearly be aware of her caged confines and her limitations.  Wink

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Posted on: September 21, 2009 5:18 pm

The gilded cage...Obamacare

Another interesting point I heard about healthcare (via Ron Paul).  Some of the "blame" for trying to stop Obamacare is being attributed to health insurance lobbyists.

Did somebody hear Ron Paul on NPR Sunday?

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Posted on: September 21, 2009 3:57 pm

The gilded cage...Obamacare

Been busy lately getting our arms around what this means for Big Pharma (Obama's big bad guys). Not good.

The problem is....well that's just it.  What problem are we trying to solve?  Is it healthcare costs?  Is it the uninsured?  What is it?

The problem is Obama is searching for a problem that fits his solution.

As I see it, the interesting part of this debate is found by asking who wins and loses in this.  And more importantly, who is supporting and who is not (not talking politicians here but industry rather).   When the insurance companies are 'on board' you have to ask why.  The answer is simple really, faced with not participating in their demise and being vilified they have agreed to sell their souls. They are on board, enticed by the prospects of adding 45 million new customers (can you call a person compelled to buy your product a customer?) they have agreed to sign on.  So 45 million folks at some fee (or fine depending on how you look at it) equals at least $45-60 billion annually for the companies to fight for.  Hmmm.  The problem is the cost of the program is more than $100 billion a year.

Look at it this way.   Let's assume that 18 million of those folks are healthy young folks who are banking on the Superman effect (Impervious to death, injury or sickness) and CHOOSE not to have insurance or do not qualify for it from their employers.  These are the cash cows for the insurance companies.   Since they base all their calculations on accuarial tables this is the holy grail for them.  Because young folks do not get sick (on average) and therefore do not need healthcare.  Oh but that is the rub here, Medicare and Medicaid are based on the neediest folks (need = high risk = poor returns for the plan = bankruptcy) and they do not include the youth.  As a result they these programs are hopelessly bankrupt.  These two also pressure medical payments lower which results in medical professionals subsidizing their wallets by soaking those of us with insurance. 

The other side of that coin are the folks with pre-existing conditions who represent the other end of the accuarial table.  These are the worst customers to have and they surve to consume resources in higher alotments.

The Baucus Bill does other things like impose fees on medical apparatus companies.  The folks who invent cool new devices that save lives.  These fees are estimated at something like $4 billion annually paid for by the companies. These folks only spent $9 billion on R&D in 2008 combined.  So either these costs get passed on to the consumer or the companies cut back on R&D.  Some call this the Innovation Tax hidden in the Bill.  One way or another the cost gets sent to us.

I can go on and on.  The problem as I see it is really simple depending on the problem we are trying to solve.

Pre-existing condition - no problem, make healthcare portable (like car insurance).

Is it uninsured? Easy, mandate catastrophic issurance with high deductibles (like $5000 or more).

Is it Medicare Waste - Just solve that, come on folks.

Or is it control of the masses?  If that is the case, be prepared for war.

The problem is Democrats want to treat everyone's risk as the same, young vs. old, sick vs. healthy, predisposed to impervious.  If you like that, then you should be willing to pay the same premiums as a 16 year old male driver one week after getting his license sitting behind the wheel of a Corvette.  Because that is what is coming.

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Posted on: September 21, 2009 2:58 pm

The gilded cage...Obamacare

Smorgie  where have you been?.........

I believe I am of at least average intellegence...and for the life of me..I still do not understand the Health Care Plan...I look at it two ways...first, I am not even sure Obama undertstands has IMHO waay too many loopholes in it.  The one that concerns me the most is that it looks like , though unclear, that a business could chose to no longer carry healthcare insurance for its employees..if that is indeed  is the case that is more than troubling. There is no way as the President has suggested that the government would not have to increase spending to cover it..impossible actually.

Again, I am more than a bit niave oin this topic but isn't this really trying to fix COBRA to some degree, but making waaay more complicated...

Help me if you understand know you are in the industry...

Looking at it from a different direction I agree the Healthcare system is broken , it has been for some time and there maybe too much damage done to truly correct it, kind of like the AIG thing..too big to see it fail...but you can lump in Social Security and  the tax code right behind it, or maybe in front of it as it directly affects the Health Care System........

I give the guy credit for taking on something, aside from Medicare,  that no President before or after him will touch with a 10 foot pole.... everyone else concerned with the ramifications

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Posted on: September 21, 2009 2:49 pm

The gilded cage...Obamacare

Another interesting point I heard about healthcare (via Ron Paul).  Some of the "blame" for trying to stop Obamacare is being attributed to health insurance lobbyists.  Yet, HR 3200 requires everyone to get insurance or pay a fine.  Wouldn't cell phone companies be very happy if Uncle Sam forced everyone to buy cell phones?  This bill is just more corporate welfare, which I would think both sides of the political spectrum should be against.

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