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Posted on: January 15, 2009 12:40 pm
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The Kitty chases the Mouse

Her eyes shifted as fast as her pulse raced. This information was dangerous to the power brokers and politicians which meant her life was in danger.

The file containing the evidence of the impropriety was attached to an e-mail from an address that did not identify itself. After a few cross references she had enough information to believe the information in the e-mail was credible and that scared her. Did she know something that no one else did? She decided to shutdown her computer and get out of the coffee house immediately.

She almost ran back to her car but managed a very fast walk. She could not stop looking over her shoulder. Calm down she commanded herself but her heart was in open revolt and beat wildly as she chirped the tires on her Audi.

Where do you go with something so dangerous? She decided a near by park may provide safe harbor and she pulled in to gather herself and consider what she had read.

Why me? Why did this e-mail show up in my account? No reason was obvious. What did the sender expect her to do with the information? No answers, just more questions.

The e-mail file hinted at a plan to influence the presidential election. It was a daring and dangerous plan. If successful the plan would elevate the trailing candidate to the front runner and most likely the presidency. If it failed it could destroy the United States. Either way the trailing candidate would become president.

The plan was simple actually. The best plans always were. And it was put into motion to change the focus from potentially winning a war in Iraq for which the trailing candidate had incorrectly positioned himself to focusing public opinion on the economy. Of course the plan was to put fear into the American public by shaking their confidence in the banking industry. How do you do that? Five months before the election a member of the Senate Finance Committee would write a letter alerting Americans of a potential bank failure in California that could require government bailout. The Senator did not even have to name the bank, the paranoid investors would assume any number of institutions and damage them all.

Within 24 hours of the Senator's letter, the largest mortgage bank in California was under attack as investors pulled their money out as fast as they could. When it was over, the bank had so little capital it could not cover it's debts. The bank failed and the government bailout came. At this point the plan was to highlight the failed policy of the current administration and damage the front runner who was not a strong economist by his own admission. If it came off as planned the Democrats would have their October surprise and their candidate would be elected comfortably. The risk was what happens if this bank failure is the first domino of many. Could it damage the economy to a point of collapse? The planners considered this risk but eventually determined they were destined to rule America no matter what and the risks were dismissed as unfortunate but necessary.

When Charles Schumer wrote letters about the California Mortgage giant Indiemac in June of 2008 he single handedly destroyed that institution and all of it's value for its shareholders. The scrutiny of the failure caused other banks to falter as well as the confidence in the industry was shaken. Politically the discussion about winning or losing in Iraq became about gettig out of Iraq to use the funds to clean up the mess. Obama became president. The economy is in free fall.

Was this the plan or was it the consequences of a failed plan?

At this point she saw the two black Crown Vics pull into the park. Were they tracking her? And how? Her wireless was shut off.


Just because you are paranoid, it doesn't mean people aren't trying to eat you. I know many people who are trying to eat me!!  LOL.

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