Posted on: March 4, 2009 10:51 am

It is my fault.....say it with me.

A little girl lost her lunch money at school and had to call her mother for more. "It wasn't my fault, mommy." She failed a test but "it wasn't my fault mommy." She wrecked her bike, it wasn't her fault. She spilled her milk but it wasn't her fault. She bent the fender - no blame there. She got pregnant, how can you blame a pregnant woman! She lost her job, certainly was not her fault. Someone is out to get her and has been stalking her her whole life. The stalker is her government. They mean well, but they enable the blame. Nothing is her fault, you see. And why should it when you can blame someone else. The American way is to refuse to take responsibility for your actions.

Obama's Administration has presided over the stock market loss of 25% of its value since he was sworn it. All the while he has blamed Bush for everything. But these are his policies that are making it go down, this is his budget that is cooly received by the financial markets. His budget proposes to spend $3.6 trillion this fiscal year against an income of $2.4 trillion. This is a $1.2 trillion deficit. So much for changing the way Washington works. Everytime Geithner (the tax dodger) speaks the market pukes. Will someone shut him up please.

And he has lowered his promise of no tax increase from $250,000 to $208,000. So what, right? those folks can afford it. If only I made that much money. Tax 'em! The problem is there are thousands upon thousands of small businesses that will pay higher taxes. These small businesses are the ones who will create the 3-5 million jobs Obama has promised.

By the way, the Administration has come clean with the 'need' to hire 100,000 people to execute Obama's policy. Some conservative groups estimate the need is higher (250,000). Whichever is correct, this is a huge growth of the government and represents a tremendous increase in the annual costs. Let's see, 100k jobs multiplied by $75,000 average (total compensation package including benefits) for a total of $7.5 billion in annual payroll or $25 from each American every year assuming 300 million of us. But the true number is about 3 times higher since you only charge the one's who have a job. Is it worth it?

And then there is all that negativity. The dire predictions, the sour looks, the desperate speeches, the incessant blaming....where is the hope this guy was peddling all last year? You gotta be kidding me. Does he not know that perception drives the market either bullish or bearish. If you make people believe it is going to be all right it will trend in that direction. And if you throw the proverbial wet blanket on it we have March 4, 2009. Endless downward pressure. You might want to hire a cheer squad in those 100,000 new government employees Mr. President.

All this and his approval rating improves to 68%. The chink in his armor is only 54% approve of his policy. When will gravity take over and plunge Mr. Obama back to earth? When will people hold him accountable? The great Democratic President Harry Truman said the buck stopped with him. I don't recall Bush blaming others for his decisions. Lincoln was pretty good about taking responsibility. Perhaps the American way even relieves this president of the blame.

Will Obama actually show us true change? Will he take responsibility for this mess or will he continue to shirk his responsibility? I know the answer to that question and so do you. But I just want you to remember we the voter can hold him responsible for his policies and reckless budgets.

I said I would not post until I had a trivial avatar, but you know, it is just too damned important that someone calls it the way it is than to sit idly by.


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