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Posted on: February 18, 2009 8:02 am

Banging like a screen door in a wind storm...

"The problem with socialism is you eventually run out of other people's money." - Margaret Thatcher. Maybe our Tin President should contact the Iron Lady for some manning up.

A Republican Governor in the Deep South was overheard saying about the Stimulus Package, "...of course we are going to get the funds we are entitled to." I checked the Constitution and it does not say anything about States Rights to Entitlement other than a common defence (spelled as it written in the document).

We raised the axe (again) this week at my company. It will fall soon. We are not entitled to any money from the bailouts, nor do we want any. More good people around the world will be hurt. It depresses me.

"The problem with Healthcare in America is there are simply too many people." - Nancy Pelosi. Perhaps we should put term limits on common people. What say you, commoners? The max age a person can live to be is 65? Welcome to retirement and the afterlife. Looking at some of our Senators and Justices this is not that bad of an idea. Kidding....

A-Rod understands. That's good. Does anyone have a problem with a scenario where a person volunteers to a drug test with the stipulation that the results will be kept confidential and then it leaks out and is used against the person? I imagine that Mr. Rodriguez has been tested plenty since 2003 and has not resurfaced on the list since the steroid rules were implemented. MLB in 2003 - "Let's see how many people are using. Answer= 104 in 2003. We now understand the scope of the problem. Let's institute some clear rules." Should he have taken them in the first place? Of course not and he should not need a rule to know that. That is his mistake to bear the burden for. But violating confidentiality is wrong on every level.

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