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Posted on: April 7, 2009 12:16 pm

Professionals - goods or services


I am curious how many men have transacted the goods and services of a professional. What were the reasons? Basic need met without the entanglement of relationship building or copious drinks into the late hours at the bar. Perhaps there was a thrill seeking energy rush of doing something both illegal and socially taboo. Maybe it was a dare from a peer or even the ritual deflowering of the male into stallionhood.

No prude am I gents. I am not judging, just curious. I have never needed to transact pleasure in the simplest terms of cash for act.

So you may be wondering why I care about the goods and services of a professional. Seems an odd question. The answer is I want to understand the many avenues of the goods and service industries. To be clear there are goods producing industries and there are service providing industries. The goods on a professional are limited to what she is born with or can have surgically enhanced. She cannot produce more goods than herself so this is not a growth industry in that sense. As a service provider she is only limited by time how much growth she can provide to the industry - pun intended. So which industry is more important - the goods or the service? One could argue both are important. Without the goods the service is rather empty. Without the desire to perform the service, the goods are not worth as much. So what is the correct ratio of goods to service?

If we have 100% goods and 0% service we have a beauty pagent but little else. If you have 0% goods and 100% services you have something closer to virtual sex or imaginary like the proverbial damp dream. I imagine you should have roughly 40% goods and 60% services in an economy. Seems like a good mix. Pretty package with reasonable appointments and larger willingness to transact.

In 1945 the United States economy was 42% goods producers and 58% service industry. In 2007 the economy was comprised of 15% goods producers and 85% service providers. Steadily we continue to move our manufacturing offshore and replace those jobs with service jobs that pay less. How much longer do we drive in this direction until we become a virtual economy, a wet dream where nothing is produced of any value?  Maybe the Obamanator will consider this fact as he continues down the path of killing off the manufacturing sector with Cap and Trade and other draconian measures designed to make the US a Utopia where you don't have to work, don't have to pay your bills, everything is shiny and clean and everything is provided for you.....sorry, I got a little witchy there at the end.

Just a question.

Happy Tuesday.  Man I dislike the Tarheels, but congrats anyway.

Mistress Smorgie

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