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Posted on: June 30, 2008 12:43 pm

Wedding romance leads to love (making)

We had the great opportunity to go to a wonderful wedding this weekend.  My girlfriend and I both took advantage of the occasion to wear our little black dresses of which all ladies must have at least one current design.  She looked so beautiful and sexy in her low cut tuxedo dress (see today's avatar). I wore a below the knee A-line that was open in back to my waist.  We had a great time dancing with the single men there and even turned a few heads when we danced together.  In the end we all got pretty worked up.  I noticed many of the singles paired up for what I hoped was some romantic fun in the privacy of their hotel rooms. This wedding had so many twenty somethings and they all came dressed to party so it was sort of obvious when the dance floor emptied and the new couples headed upstairs.  First hand I can assure you that I had plenty of after hours fun with my friends. 

Sunday morning was particularly interesting.  Amid the hangovers at breakfast there was an air of giggling, discomfort, pointing and whispering.  But there were at least a few couples that did not seem to mind.  Maybe they will fall in love and get married soon.  As a hopeless romantic I hope so.

So to you my friends of the board.  I am willing to bet some of you met your love at a wedding, maybe took advantage of the lowered barriers, the tingling loins, the music and dance, the romantic setting, and the free booze to throw caution to the wind and ask someone to dance or more.

Stories please....

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