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Posted on: March 1, 2009 1:41 pm

Faaaaah Q CBS

Now the Avatar police have booted my pic of me wearing a swimming suit.  It was a simple two piece, black in color.  Full coverage, my breasts don't need a whole lotta material to acomplish that feat.  I was sitting out of the sun in an alcove next to a pool in the south of France.  My legs were bent, crossed at the ankle with my arms pulled up across my knees.  No vulgarity.  Not any where near the Spin section of this board or any of the half naked girls on Maxim.   I don't see the need.  I had more clothes on than the Venus de Milo.

But then I submitted a map of the USA.  That was denied for being too political.  Huh? Too political?  A map?  You gotta be kidding me.

Then I submitted a homely couple riding a tractor, still denied.

Then a skeleton sleeping on her keyboard, still nothing.

At least give me a female profile headshot in shadow in stead of a man.

Otherwise, you can Faaah Que Offe!

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