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Posted on: July 7, 2009 8:25 am

Dig Deep and Patriotic


Open it up. Click on the flow chart.  Try to follow the government cheese around the maze that is the proposed health care reform from Mr. Kennedy.  How does it make you feel?  Perhaps like you need to see a doctor.  Well I hope not.

Now that Franken-stein has made his appearance at the castle, the evil plotters think they have enough votes to avoid by-partisanship on healthcare reform.  Schumer plans to ram it through the senate as fast as possible.  Who cares what is in it, right?  Recent polls suggest the Democrats should resist this temptation to become heavy handed.  Obamacare is not popular among unions and seniors, two groups that are more than blue leaning.  And the Democrat senators and representatives that will have to vote for this turd face re-election.  Many live in states that McCain carried last fall. 

The house and senate Democrat majority is about to get smashed in 2010. (Just like in 1993 - Hillarycare anyone).  In that election 56 house seats went to the Republicans as a result.

Read in yesterday's WSJ that some folks in the Obama administration think we should have MORE stimulus even though only 10% of the original Porkulus Plan ($787B) has been spent so far!  Seriously, they want to print even more money!!!

Biden, speaking on behalf of Obama (That is just plain scary), stated that Obama "had misjudged" the depth of the economic problems referring to increasing unemployment (and underemployment) as it approaches double digits.  Say it ain't so, Joe!

Of course, the last part of the Federally mandated minimum wage standard increase is about to happen at the worst possible time - NOW!  How is that going to impact hiring?

So let's see, Germany is about to lower taxes and curtail spending while the USSA (United Socialist States of America) is about to plunge even deeper into the red ink.  When you are in debt do you borrow more money and go on a shopping spree to get out of debt? Ahhh - no.

Forgive me my monthly rant.

An interesting side personal note....

I received a marriage proposal from one of my long time roommates this weekend.  The question is....which one?  The female or the male.  And the obvious next question is - how did I answer?

I will answer another day....

Peace to you all, except you Kim Jong Il and Hugo Chavez.
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