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The gilded cage...Obamacare

As we continue to trend left toward the socialist agenda of our leadership I am reminded of this parable:

The hamster lives a wonderful life.  His food and drink is provided, his home is provided, and even his exercise is provided through great distances of twisty tubes and things that spin.  He even has a maid come and clean his house every so often. When he is sick, health care is provided free of charge.  He really has it made.


So why is it he is always trying to chew his way to freedom?


We all have our own definition of freedom and none of them include a gilded cage.

Minus 5 in the turnover margin is a recipe for defeat anywhere including in the SEC. WVU is minus 8 in its last two games and is 1-1.  Get it straightened out and the Eers could be tough.
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Not so Mr. Irrelevant

Senate Democrats have agreed to use a shortcut method to avoid debate on the sweeping healthcare reform that President Obama has proposed.  By doing so the Democrats will quickly pass their measure and avoid a potential fillibuster by Republicans.  The whole purpose of having a House and Senate and the belief that a two party system is important is centered around the need to debate issues. 

Debating an issue is not about arguing it to death, though that has become the norm in Washington.  The problem with both sides of the aisle is that you have to be for or against something.  Or more importantly you have to follow the party line on various plank issues like abortion, social issues, business,taxes, common defence, etc.  As a result we have created a system of diametral opposites with no common ground to hammer out agreements and compromise.

For me, the decision by Democrats to bypass debate on this monumental issue is a violation of our Constitution.  A simple majority vote should not be allowed to pass such a sweeping change to our political and societal foundation.  But that is what is about to happen by the party who takes its name from "democracy."  Purportedly they are for democracy and therefore, they are for debate.  The word democracy means "people rule" from the greek.  It does not mean "party rule" by the way.  Semantics, I don't believe so.  One party has become so powerful as to become dangerous.  They are manipulating everything and carrying out political vendettas and now they are going to do something so revolutionary - to pass government controlled healthcare - without taking into account the opinion and thoughts of slightly less than half of the people.

Where is the outrage from the folks who have fought so hard to protect the Constitutional rights of our enemy combatants (since I cannot call them terrorists anymore).  Are they not afraid of the power of one party rule?  They should be.  Failing to express outrage to our senators for their wreckless behavior makes us all culpable to what may come to be.  Let your voice be heard.

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A modern day parable...

Amanda was a tall beautiful woman. She was young, athletic, terribly funny, charismatic and never wanting for friends. "Strangers were just friends she had not yet met," she liked to say. She could always see the best in people and gave everyone the benefit of the doubt when they were mean and nasty. "Perhaps they are just having a bad day," she would say. She always saw the silver lining and projected that to everyone around her. Of course her detractors thought she was inexperienced and naive. These had earned their pessimism no doubt the old fashioned way, taking it on the chin everyday in the real world. They admired Amanda and wished her well as she battled the negative in the daily world on eperson at a time.

Amanda met a new girl at work named Irina. She too was young, athletic, and beautiful. She was charistmatic to her small group of friends but she did not like Amanda at all. They simply had differing viewpoints on everything and Irina was heard to use words like "hate" and "get rid of" in her verbal attacks on Amanda. These attacks were right to her face or whenever she had an audience. Amanda's friends were in shock and tried to come to Amanda's defense but Irina focused her attacks only on Amanda.

Amanda had taken some courses in conflict managment so she thought she would use the techniques to find common ground with Irina and hopefully become friends with her or at the very least, to stop the terrible attacks. Her friends cautioned Amanda against this course, reminding her of Irina's visceral hatred toward her. They were concerned about how the attempt could turn confrontational. Amanda ignored them and pointed to the silver lining of solving the problem and becoming friends.

At the local watering hole after work, Amanda approached Irina and extended a hand in friendship. Irina did not take it. Amanda asked Irina what it was that made her dislike Amanda so much. Irina spat back, "Because of who your friends are and how you support them hurts me and my friends!" Amanda did not back away. She lowered her voice and asked for more specifics. Irina took to name calling and threatening Amanda with violence. Amanda extended her hand again only to be slapped in the process and further insulted. Amanda was shocked and finally moved away.

On the way back to her friends she was stopped by the barkeep, an old fella from Texas named George, who had heard the exchange with Irina. He laughed and said, "Watch that one Amanda, she is an evil witch.

"No, I refuse to believe that," she said. "There is good in everyone."

Her friend Izzy, joined Amanda at the bar and overheard the conversation with George. Izzy said, "Damn you sure are naive Amanda. You just can't reason with Irina. Look, I know how to deal with evil like her. We just have to go over there and kick her butt right there in front of her friends. And if you don't I will. It is the only way to get through to her."

Amanda just sat there sulking feeling like a fool for having been so naive to think she could make friends with a bitter illogical enemy.

Putting her rose colored glasses back on she thought maybe she could make friends with her other bitter rival Kora.

Again Izzy chimed in, "Amanda, do you realize how big a fool you are? And how weak Irina and Kora think you are? You need to take off those rose colored glasses and live in the real world where not everyone is nice and happy to be your friend."

Amanda said, "Maybe if I just go apologize one more time for whatever I did wrong."

Izzy cut her off, "I 'm going to go kick both of their backsides and then you can apologize for me, how's that?"





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A prescription for condoms?! What size?

Our federalies want us all to have good quality, readily available healthcare. Who doesn't? Healthcare costs are ridiculously high and we must find a way to reduce the cost. Naturally government thinks they can turn the efficiency knob such that we all get the needed coverage at a lower cost. This is where people tend to start getting off the band wagon citing previous attempts like social security, medicare and medicaid that have failed to deliver the panacea of social promise. Everyone on board so far?

So the idea of national healthcare has been advanced and a plan is in place to drive us irrevocable in that direction. We have protagonists citing successes in France, Great Britain, and Canada. We have antagonists citing failures in France, Great Britain and Canada. What to do? Who to believe?

Mistress Smorgie is not afraid to advance a notion, nay a plan, to greatly reduce medical costs. And get this, it is simple! And I can guarantee success! I know, I know. Our well earned pessimism prevents us from getting on board. But I will give it a try anyway and I will base it on a bit of data to make you all feel better.

Everyday in every doctor's office around the country there are tens if not hundreds of patients plunking down money to see their doctors in the so called office visit. Let's assume it is no more than 10 patients an hour per doctor in the facility - so 80 patients per day. Let's assume the doctor charges $100 a visit (might be high but it makes the math easy). If you have insurance you may have to pay something like $25 or $30 bucks out of your pocket and your HMO or other insurance picks up something less than the balance. So for every doctor in the building it is conceivable to raise $8000 a day. If the facility has 5 doctors and they achieve 100% utilization they can generate $40,000 a day in billable sales. That is a whole bunch of money in a year and totals something over $10 million before taxes, wages, overhead, etc.

But for what? Let's assume we have a general practitioner office with 5 doctors and no shortage of patients ringing our phones. What percentage of those folks are showing up because they are sick? Let's say 50% are showing up because they have something wrong. What percentage of these folks know what is wrong with them? To be simple, how many know they have a fever and a cold? Or a very sore throaght? Or poison ivy? Or a bladder infection? Or an ear ache? You get the point. We know what is wrong with us usually. And we know what the treatment will be. Ear ache or strep - amoxicillan. Bladder infection more antibiotics, poison ivy - methylprednisone, pretty simple so far. Why not make these medications semi-over the counter? Meaning why not let the pharmacist dole out these types of medications as they see fit, skipping the doctor's office visit. When they come up on something that is above their call they can refuse to dispense the meds and advise you to see a doctor.

Want a great example? The yeast infection (sorry guys). We women know we have one immediately. No doubt. Not too long ago we had to go to the doctor everytime to get a prescription for a medication we know we need. Fortunately the powers that be (feds) made these medications over the counter so we could stay out of the doctor's office. Have you heard of anyone becoming addicted to Monostat 7 in the last decade? We women are not abusing the system.

In some European countries you do not need a prescription for eye glasses or contacts. You just pick up the corresponding set right off the shelf. And why not? Is there any benefit in wearing the wrong kind of glasses? Who wants to do that? I like mine blurry so I think I will get these. That is garbage. You still have to go to the optometrist to make sure you are healthy and to find out what your eye condition is. But beyond that, you should be responsible enough to pick them out. Think of it like this. To buy new wiper blades for your car you have to go to a mechanic to tell you what size you need and then you go the autoparts store and present your prescription for wiper blades. Not the same? Wiper blades help you with your vision don't they. OK maybe it is a stretch. Imagine if condoms were by prescription and some of you boys had to get measured - extra small for this one, ouch!!

The point is people should be able to be responsible for picking and choosing medications they need in the more mundane cases. Not the fancy life threatening variety to be sure.

But why do you need to pay $100 to have the doc take one look at you and scribble something out on a pad of paper when you already know what you need.

OK - you don't feel comfortable self medicating (I doubt that - think aspirin and a lethal dose). Remember, the pharmacist is more than capable of deciding who should and should not have amoxycillin or prednisone, et al. These are the facts.

So a simple way to cut costs is to make more medicines available over the counter or at least semi-OTC where the apotheke or pharmacist doles it out.





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Smorgie ogles her gardener...mmmm

I have this young man who takes care of my yard for me. He is 20 years old and uses the money to put himself through college. He is a very handsome fellow with dirty blonde hair worn a little long. He would be a surfer dude if there were any in Ohio. Ladies, I want you to know he is even more handsome when it is hot, because that is when he takes off his shirt. I must let you know, I fear he may suffer from dehydration some days so I make sure I present him with a cool drink as often as possible. Just applying the golden rule ladies! Anyway, I was thinking about hiring him to be my new regional sales manager reporting directly to me. He is soooo nice to look at and he does work hard (like his abs). I think he is qualified.


Is this what a majority of Americans wanted when they voted for Obama? Change was the slogan and it was shaped by the individual and the media to mean whatever to whomever. But here it is folks. The change you voted for is manifesting itself in some very dangerous ways. This week PE Obama leaked his nomination for the head of the CIA only to be rebuked by his own party for not consulting them. The people he forgot to consult were only the senior democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee, incoming chairman Diane Feinstein and outgoing chairman, Jay Rockefeller. Oops! Now that is not the dangerous part. The nominee, Leon Panetta, has no intelligence experience whatsoever. He was a congressman from California and Bill Clinton's Chief of Staff. Those are his credentials folks. Then there is that pesky little fact that Mr. Panetta is a self proclaimed passivist. Is this the person you want running YOUR intelligence agency? It is your agency, they work for you.

Keep in mind, previous attempts at having a politician run the CIA have been a disaster. Porter Goss comes to mind in 2004 when he, a bureaucrat, brought in his own team and fired the senior staff at the CIA. Those senior staffers are career intelligence officers. They know what they are doing. Goss was quickly shown the door in 2006 and efforts were made to restore the morale of the folks in Langley.

My stupid person of the week may have to go to the man soon to be at the top. Come on Obama, stop picking your cronies for these jobs. You promised us you were going to stop business as usual in Washington. Your choices so far are very suspect to me for some of you posts.

  • Hillary Clinton (former Presidential candidate) at State - her credentials are what? Trial lawyer, wife of president, Senator. Is she trained in international affairs? And then there are those massive donations to her husband's foundation from all around the globe.
  • Bill Richardson (former Presidential candidate) as Commerce Secretary. He faces an embarassing investigation about money from donors and New Mexico government contracts being awarded to those donors back in August 2008. Media just now got around to reporting on it I suppose. He took his name out of the hat. Thanks Bill.
  • Ram Emanuel for Chief of Staff. He is from the Chicago political system just like Obama. Quoted as saying, "Never waste a good crisis." As he alluded to the economic crisis and the Obama agenda. Fear mongering from the Democrats.

I'm going to stop here before my blood pressure gets up too far.


A question before I go...... why do Americans think a big government making decisions for them is the way to live? Obama's proposed agenda is consolidating power under the government's control, power that used to belong to the individuals of this country. I want freedom to make my own choices, not have the government do my thinking for me. Am I alone? Please Obama supporters, tell me why I am wrong because this stuff scares me to death.

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Gag reflex has been triggered! Spit it out!

Hard to swallow, may have to spit this one out.

Another stupid person(s) to point out per my New Year's resolution.

I was eating my lunch today with a friend of mine in a crowded bistro. The fellow next to us was reading out loud to his table mate the virtues of Obama's economic stimulus package from his newspaper. Both these gentlemen were excited about the prospects of tax relief and the immediate impact to the economy. These fellows are dyed in the wool Obama supporters and they were gushing about the proposal as if it were revolutionary and just what we need to get the country started in the right direction again. They actually said, "Damn George Bush!" Amazing.  (Didn't W send us all $500 or $1000 checks last summer?)

How does it taste to you, America?

Obama's plan is for a two year tax relief that amounts to $500 per worker or $1000 per couple for each year. Depending on the number of paychecks you get, either 24 or 26, this amounts to roughly $20 per check for a single. Let's see, that buys about 10 or 11 gallons of gas (at today's price) every couple of weeks. Or about 8 coffees at Starbucks. Or a round of drinks for a few friends. Maybe a box of condoms, a six pack of Keystone Light and some mints. Might cover the co-pay for a doctors visit (might not). Covers the cost of a month's supply of birth control pills. Good for 5 beers at a Piston's game. I can get half a new bra at Victoria's Secret or a week's worth of thongs.

Now I don't mean to sound like I won't accept the money. I will of course. But let's be real. Is $10 bucks a week gonna cause you to go out and spend our way out of recession? Is it going to make a dent in your credit card or mortgage payment? Is it going to restore consumer confidence? Anyone rushing out to buy an American car with the extra $40 a month? Maybe with all those rebates GM and Ford are throwing around you can get one for $40 a month (get real folks).

Who is the stupid person here? I will let you decide.

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Don't you do it....

Don't do it Big 3 automakers.  Don't you dare beg Pelosi and her minions for your survival.  The demos told the CEO's of the Big 3 to go home and come back with a plan since the democrats didn't have enough votes nor support from their constituents to vote for the bailout. So the question is will they come back with their hats in hand and agree to the demands of the Democrats.  The demands that they make environmentally friendly cars or else no money.  The demands that they restrict their pay as executives to something much smaller.  Demands from lawyers not industrialists mind you.

This is the same government that has hamstrung the American auto industry with CAFE standards (corporate average fuel economy) and environmental standards, while refusing to restrict tort lawsuits against them nor support management of these companies when they go up against the Democrat's chief blue collar donators, the UAW.  Those labor contracts amount to a $1300+ competitive disadvantage to produce cars in America.  Don't get me wrong, environment, safety, et al, are givens in the industry, but foreign makers are not subject to CAFE. 

Look here folks, the Big 3 and their supply base generates $125 billion annual tax revenue.  If the Big 3 fails, that money disappears.  The knee jerk answer is fine, go ahead and go out of business, but hold on, we are talking about millions of workers becoming unemployed, dropping out of the economy.  Is this the final domino that plunges our economy into the dark ages?

So back to the CEOs.  What plan should they bring back to Congress? 

  1. Agree to the demands of people who have no idea what it takes to make a car - basically ceding control of their companies to the Government? 
  2. Declare bankrupcy? Restructuring cutting millions of jobs. Includes trashing the UAW contracts.
  3. Renegotiate the contracts with the UAW with the support of government mediation?

I say declare bankrupcy, destroy our economy, and crush the labor power base in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, etc...

Wait a minute.....I could be wrong.  Thoughts? 

Welcome to power Democrats, this is yours to solve.

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Take me! Both of you...Ravage me!

Her red dress was cut low revealing her ample breasts.  They were perfect and she was so sultry in comparison to the other Pelosi-esque women in the room.  Every eye was upon her and she knew it.   Even savored it.  She was fresh from Paris and her gown was from the finest couture on the Champs Elysses.  It had been custom cut to reveal her finest assets and she tingled the first time she put it on.  The silk slid enchantingly into place across her shoulders and torso.  Caressing her delicate skin as it fell to just above her knee.  She was excited and frightened at the prospects that may come that night.  She knew she would be impossible to miss and would attract the attention of every suitor in the ball room.

She was surprised to receive her invitation to the ball.  She did not know her hosts personally, only in name and reputation.  On a whim she decided to go and treat herself to the pleasures of being a desirable woman.  So she treated herself to a new dress, lingerie, and shoes.  A new clutch, a makeover....she was ready.

The eyes of everyone turned to her when she walked in unescorted.  The gentlemen failed to hide their delight and the ladies hissed under their breath.  The room was electric and a pang of regret twisted in her stomach.  Now she wasn't sure she wanted the focus of hundreds of pairs of eyes.

A waiter glided by to the sound of the string quartet with champagne, yielding a flute with a flirting smile. She could see the sharks positioning themselves for their passes, ever closer they circled. 

The first gentleman to introduce himself was Congressman George Miller from California.  He was a charming man though considerably older than her.  She indulged him as a harmless gentleman trying to rekindle his youth by flirting with a younger woman.  He exuded power and he made no attempt to hide it.

A second suitor inserted himself into the conversation.  He introduced himself as Jim McDermott also a Congressman but from Seattle.  The two gentlemen knew each other and exchanged a playful nod.

She was swept away by their charm as they talked and danced away the evening.  They both offered to escort her home in their limosines but then suggested they go for more drinks with a smaller group of friends from the ball.  She was having so much fun she decided to enjoy the evening and agreed.  Both Congressmen joined her in the car and off they went. 

She wasn't sure which one kissed her first but it was passionate and soft. And she felt another pair of hands caress her legs.  The passion increased and the two men began to ravage the beautiful woman.  She awoke the next morning to find her beautiful clothes were torn, her hair and makeup were ruined and the conquerors were gone.  She felt like so many things had happened and that something had been stolen from her.  She was bewildered and began to cry.


No this is not an excerpt from a tawdry romance novel.   Sorry boys, back to half mast.

My last blog entry was about a lady named Teresa Ghilarducci from New York's New School for Social Research who suggested the 401K plan should be scrapped.  More on that subject appeared in the WSJ yesterday that I thought required sharing with you all. 

The Congressmen above are real and the lady in the red dress is your 401K.  Rep. Miller, D-California, chairs the House Education and Labor Committee.  While Rep. McDermott, D-Washington, chairs a House Ways and Means subcommittee on income security and family support.

"Before election day the congressmen began to target the $3 trillion in the 401(k) accounts held by 60% of Americans.  Mr. Miller called the system an inadequate vehicle that has not been terribly successful in encouraging retirement savings.  He wants a whole sale re-examination of the pensions."

"The Chairman has also signalled greater ambitions.  At a hearing last month, Mr. Miller put the 401(k) into play.  Under the current system, employers match employee contributions that aren't taxed until redeemed, an indirect subsidy worth $80 billion today.  'We have to start to think about in Congress...whether or not we want to continue to invest that $80,000,000,000 for a policy that is not generating what we now say it should.'  Mr. Miller said, ' For a taxpayer investment of this size, we must ensure that the structure of 401(k)s adequately potects the nesteggs of particpating workers.' "

 His committee listened to Ms. Ghilarducci's ultra left social policy discussion to scrap the 401(k) and let the government mind our money for us.  Yes folks it happened.

"The main liberal objection to the 401(k) seems to be that they let the average American control their own investment decisions for retirement.  As Shlomo Benartzi, a professor at UCLA's Anderson Business School, told Mr. Miller's committee, "Individuals have a tendency to buy at the peak, and then panic when the markets drop and sell at the bottom."  Better to have the government do it instead."

 For those of you reading this thinking, yeah, the government would give us a safe return, well Social Security earns between 1 and 2 percent since its inception which is losing to inflation bigtime.

People are attached to their 401(k)s because it is their property, which they can carry with them to new jobs, manage as they see fit and bequeath to their heirs.

Before entertaining dreams of state managed retirement accounts, Congresssional Democrats might ask why Europe and Latin America have tried so hard in recent years to move in the opposite direction.  Their pension systems are debt ridden, can't easily adjust for demographic shifts and show a  historically lower return.

If Democrats want a return to improve the prospects for American retirees, their first priority should be removing barriers to economic growth.  Anger over the drop in 401(k) balances is one reason that voters who belong to the investor class swung to Deomcrats in greater than usual numbers this year.  Their mandate is for policies that improve those returns, not strip them of tax benefits.

An intelligent discussion would be  - is Obama listening to these Democrats or not?  He has voted left every time as a Senator.

I think some of you nice fellows should have asked the beautiful lady in the red dress to the ball to keep her away from the sharks.  Anybody willing to do that?  Call your congressman and senator and tell them hands off your ladies  - 401(k).

I need a cold shower.....anyone want to join me.

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