Posted on: April 27, 2009 11:35 am

Not so Mr. Irrelevant

Senate Democrats have agreed to use a shortcut method to avoid debate on the sweeping healthcare reform that President Obama has proposed.  By doing so the Democrats will quickly pass their measure and avoid a potential fillibuster by Republicans.  The whole purpose of having a House and Senate and the belief that a two party system is important is centered around the need to debate issues. 

Debating an issue is not about arguing it to death, though that has become the norm in Washington.  The problem with both sides of the aisle is that you have to be for or against something.  Or more importantly you have to follow the party line on various plank issues like abortion, social issues, business,taxes, common defence, etc.  As a result we have created a system of diametral opposites with no common ground to hammer out agreements and compromise.

For me, the decision by Democrats to bypass debate on this monumental issue is a violation of our Constitution.  A simple majority vote should not be allowed to pass such a sweeping change to our political and societal foundation.  But that is what is about to happen by the party who takes its name from "democracy."  Purportedly they are for democracy and therefore, they are for debate.  The word democracy means "people rule" from the greek.  It does not mean "party rule" by the way.  Semantics, I don't believe so.  One party has become so powerful as to become dangerous.  They are manipulating everything and carrying out political vendettas and now they are going to do something so revolutionary - to pass government controlled healthcare - without taking into account the opinion and thoughts of slightly less than half of the people.

Where is the outrage from the folks who have fought so hard to protect the Constitutional rights of our enemy combatants (since I cannot call them terrorists anymore).  Are they not afraid of the power of one party rule?  They should be.  Failing to express outrage to our senators for their wreckless behavior makes us all culpable to what may come to be.  Let your voice be heard.

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