Posted on: March 21, 2009 10:34 pm

Dear America - save your BS, you'll need it

 Today I purchased fertilizer for my yard at Walmart.  A bag of Scotts crabgrass killer was bargain priced at $56 and change for 15,000 square feet.  I remember paying about $35 give or take last year.  Wow! a mere 60% increase over 2008.  The fellow at Walmart asked if he could help me as I stared in disbelief at the price.  I said I would like to know what happened to the price of fertilizer.  "Well honey (he actually called me honey) fertilizer prices are up across the board."  Why?  "Well you see the price of oil has had an impact."  Huh?  Price of oil is down since last spring.

Another gent wearing Walmart blue approached and told me his father is a farmer and he too is in shock by the price of fertilizer for the farm.

Did I miss any stories about a fertilizer plant blowing up anywhere in the US?  The components of fertilzer are commodities so why the jump in price?  A little reseach links the rise to the cost of natural gas, a key component in the manufacture of nitrogen (in the form of anhydrous ammonia)  but wait just a darned minute.  Natural gas prices have fallen by almost half.  What gives?  A further look says we are running short of phosphates and potash. Are the environmentalists at work here - limiting the profligation of these chemicals? 

But world wide demand for fertilizer has fallen as the world markets have softened.  Should result in a price break.  Hmm.   Something stinks here around the fertilizer pile.

So folks, a warning to your pocket books.  Food prices are about to sky rocket.  Hyperinflation anyone?  And the weeds will be applenty as many folks make the decision to forgo fertilizing their yards this year.

PS.  My Mountaineers let me down big time.  Sadness in Cyndi's heart.

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