Posted on: January 9, 2009 9:51 am

Smorgie ogles her gardener...mmmm

I have this young man who takes care of my yard for me. He is 20 years old and uses the money to put himself through college. He is a very handsome fellow with dirty blonde hair worn a little long. He would be a surfer dude if there were any in Ohio. Ladies, I want you to know he is even more handsome when it is hot, because that is when he takes off his shirt. I must let you know, I fear he may suffer from dehydration some days so I make sure I present him with a cool drink as often as possible. Just applying the golden rule ladies! Anyway, I was thinking about hiring him to be my new regional sales manager reporting directly to me. He is soooo nice to look at and he does work hard (like his abs). I think he is qualified.


Is this what a majority of Americans wanted when they voted for Obama? Change was the slogan and it was shaped by the individual and the media to mean whatever to whomever. But here it is folks. The change you voted for is manifesting itself in some very dangerous ways. This week PE Obama leaked his nomination for the head of the CIA only to be rebuked by his own party for not consulting them. The people he forgot to consult were only the senior democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee, incoming chairman Diane Feinstein and outgoing chairman, Jay Rockefeller. Oops! Now that is not the dangerous part. The nominee, Leon Panetta, has no intelligence experience whatsoever. He was a congressman from California and Bill Clinton's Chief of Staff. Those are his credentials folks. Then there is that pesky little fact that Mr. Panetta is a self proclaimed passivist. Is this the person you want running YOUR intelligence agency? It is your agency, they work for you.

Keep in mind, previous attempts at having a politician run the CIA have been a disaster. Porter Goss comes to mind in 2004 when he, a bureaucrat, brought in his own team and fired the senior staff at the CIA. Those senior staffers are career intelligence officers. They know what they are doing. Goss was quickly shown the door in 2006 and efforts were made to restore the morale of the folks in Langley.

My stupid person of the week may have to go to the man soon to be at the top. Come on Obama, stop picking your cronies for these jobs. You promised us you were going to stop business as usual in Washington. Your choices so far are very suspect to me for some of you posts.

  • Hillary Clinton (former Presidential candidate) at State - her credentials are what? Trial lawyer, wife of president, Senator. Is she trained in international affairs? And then there are those massive donations to her husband's foundation from all around the globe.
  • Bill Richardson (former Presidential candidate) as Commerce Secretary. He faces an embarassing investigation about money from donors and New Mexico government contracts being awarded to those donors back in August 2008. Media just now got around to reporting on it I suppose. He took his name out of the hat. Thanks Bill.
  • Ram Emanuel for Chief of Staff. He is from the Chicago political system just like Obama. Quoted as saying, "Never waste a good crisis." As he alluded to the economic crisis and the Obama agenda. Fear mongering from the Democrats.

I'm going to stop here before my blood pressure gets up too far.


A question before I go...... why do Americans think a big government making decisions for them is the way to live? Obama's proposed agenda is consolidating power under the government's control, power that used to belong to the individuals of this country. I want freedom to make my own choices, not have the government do my thinking for me. Am I alone? Please Obama supporters, tell me why I am wrong because this stuff scares me to death.

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