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Posted on: November 11, 2008 8:29 pm

O vs. W = hmmmmm?

For everyone who thinks George Bush is an idiot with a myriad of failed policies and all that, explain the about face already by Obama on his "exit Iraq NOW!" strategy that was a cornerstone of his campaign.  My intent is not to start another who is right and who is wrong discussion about last week's election.  What is done is done.  I am moving along.

But what is interesting is how fast Obama changed his tune after only one briefing.  Now there are only two conceivable reasons he would change his direction so fast:

  1. He never really wanted to leave Iraq and was just pandering for peace votes - Not likely because I don't think he is that big of a liar (read politician).    - OR -
  2. He learned the facts of the world.  Things none of us are privy to.  The briefings were so scary sobering that he saw the light very quickly and put the brakes on the strategy.

Now if #1 is true then he is a major flipflopping politician who lied to the nation.  But if #2 is true it means that some of the critics of Bush may need to rethink their harsh rebukes.  I am only suggesting this for your consideration.  But it does make sense.  For ten months that is all we heard.  Get out of Iraq now.  But today we hear the opposite.  I can only imagine what changed his mind, but I think it bears careful reconsideration of the actions of George W. Bush.  No, he is not perfect and not deserving of a clean slate (just yet anyway), but perhaps he deserves to be seen in a different light not tarnished by vitriolic hatred fanned by a negative media, but looked at in careful review with due dilligence to all the facts, even the ones we don't know (yet).

Just my opinion.  Your thoughts.....

Keep it civil folks, I like it better that way.

Posted on: November 9, 2008 2:11 pm

Biden's warning....Leaves me still wondering

Joe Biden gave us an ominous prediction a few weeks ago about  an international test for the new administration.  In fact he used the word crisis to describe it and then went on to say the administration would appear wrong in their initial handling of the incident.  So the remark came and went and no one wants to talk about it.  Does Joe know something or was he just whistling dixie out his backside to scare little ole me?  (picture me batting my eyelashes and feigning fear)

So I have been wondering about what it might be. Failing to talk about it makes it fair game for conjecture.  And who doesn't like a little what if to make your mind wander?

Number one on the conspiracy hit parade is:  Netanyahu will likely be elected head of the Israeli state and the campaign promise to attack Iran's nuclear capability.  Wow, talk about a crisis.  So what does the administration do that will appear wrong?  Not come to the aid of Israel in the almost certain shooting war in the Middle East?  I wonder how the large number of American Jews who voted for Obama will like that scenario?

Number two:  V. Putin is on a mission without God (say it like Elwood Blues would say it).  We're putting the band back together.  First Ukraine, then Latvia, Blue Lou from Lithuania, Poland,.....   So much for NATO support, is that the "wrong" decision Joe speaks of?

Perhaps it is unfair to hold Joe to his pre-election rhetoric.  But it is a dangerous new world out there and I can't help but wonder what it was like for President-elect Obama when he got his first briefing from the guys in the know.  You know - the unfiltered stuff right out of the spigot.  Still feel like sitting down with the despots that lead our enemy states?  Rhetoric is easy, now comes action, resolve and a projection of strength.  You'd better be up to it if number 1 or 2 come to pass.

Have a great week minions!

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