Posted on: February 9, 2009 9:01 am

To come early or late.....

Is promptness a virtue or a curse? Some of us are inclined to be habitually late while our complements are tardy. Stereotypes paint women as creatures primping in an antechamber making their date wait. Torturing him with conversation with a father, mother, sibling or roommate.

Sometimes he is left alone to figit or snoop. If he is really interested he might even fantasize about what she is doing to prepare for this evening's fun.

Carefully she applies her lipstick, a daring new shade of luscious ruby red. Her make up is perfect. Her hair, once pulled back, is released to fall about her face providing a delicate shadow to her face adding to her allure. The bra is a push-up providing a beautiful decolletage, the lace just above her nipple. For tonight she will wear her new lace panties and matching garter belt. She slowly unrolls her stocking over her knee attaching the garters to each one, careful not to ruin the sexy silk. Her blouse is silk and barely there, offering a glimpse of the lace beneath. The skirt falls to just above her knee. Heels are added to show off the workouts she puts her legs through. She loves the way her foot glides into the shoe, carressing her arch and showing most of her foot. A touch of perfume to her neck and wrists and she is ready.

She finally arrives and his breath is audible as it expresses his disappointment. Jeans and a baggy sweater, at least the boot has a heel. What did you expect? Its a first date and you did say we were going to be outside and it is cold this time of year!

The truth is each of us is either late or on time to a fault. My mother continues to say, "If you cannot be on time, be early." As a result of 32 years of her programming I have become habitually early for every appointment, for every date, for every thing where time is involved to imply a beginning and an end. And I expect the same for those unlucky enough to have to work or play with me. Mother reminds me that it is out of respect for people that we should be early. It demonstrates we value their time. They are elevated by our respect which makes them more worthy of our attention.

What does it say when someone is habitually late? Do they disrespect me and my time? Or are they just arrogant, thinking themselves better than me? The answer is within me. How I choose to react is personal but it eventually does impact how I see the individual and will erode my respect for them. Right or wrong, that is the way it is.

I read this past week that Barack Obama is habitually late. In his almost three weeks in office he has been late for almost every event, every news conference, every signing, every photo op, every discussion with common people. He was late to explain to the families of the USS Cole bombing victims why the charges were dismissed (with prejudice) against the suspects. In fact, he skipped them altogether. He announced it to the world before he spoke with the families. He has been late throughout his campaign and now into his presidential infancy. Do you need a wristwatch, Mr. President? Or just a lesson in manners?

BTW it was my birthday Saturday and I dressed up for dinner as described above for a night out on the town with my two roommates. We three had a great time but that is another story not fit for this blog......

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