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Posted on: April 16, 2009 8:41 am

TEA Party (BYOB)

Oregon has flipped out. Already renowned for its liberal excesses, its politicians did the unthinkable. The most stupid act of taxation ever. Or at least this year. Oregon's brilliant political folks decided they should pass a tax on beer to help with their budgetary shortfalls. Now you see Oregonians have had the lowest beer tax in the nation. The result of such a bastion of tax relief and capitalism friendly support has been the locating of some 93 micro breweries in the state. These microbrews generate over $2 billion to the GDP of Oregon. The tax imposed by the Democrat strong will increase the tax from about a buck a barrel to over $50 a barrel. Seems reasonable, right? So what does that mean to the average pint of beer in Oregon? About a $1.25 per pint increase!! A night out will cost you big time in Oregon's pubs and bars. Now Oregon has the highest tax on beer in the nation.

So what you say. If you don't live in or near Oregon, this probably doesn't mean much. But just you wait as other states jump on board the new sin tax of beer. Politicians will attempt to vilify beer and beer drinking as unhealthy and the cause of so many problems in their states from health care to litter to the obvious non-green flatulence for which beer drinking is notorious. Before you know it we will be back at prohibition and the beer and gin mills will be off the books, free again from taxation.

The Democrats of Oregon have grown strong with their social programs and pandering to the poor workers held down by big corporations. But don't they realize the impact of the beer sin tax will fall squarely on their constituency? Those making $40,000 a year who like to drink a beer. Dare I say "Joe Sixpack?"

I wonder how much money it would cost to move a micro brewery to Michigan or Ohio, land of poverty and no jobs?

Dear Democrats,

Please take an economics course - macro would be best. This tax is a wealth destroying tax as all of them are. It does nothing to encourage commerce and will have a very negative impact on the economy of Oregon. Goes for every state and the federal level, too. While your at it, eliminate all subsidies as they too are wealth destroying activities that restrict commerce. Or you can keep taxing the beer and the piss out of us and guarantee we become a socialist country.

I could be wrong - a wait, ah, no, ... I'm not.

I had fun at my local TEA party (Taxed Enough Already) yesterday. I hope you all attended whether you are a Demo or Repub.





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