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Screwed Again

I filed my taxes this weekend. I paid over $30K in federal taxes and another $11K in state taxes in 2008. Sucks to be single. I captured the huge interest and dividends on my Schedule B (Not!!). I itemized my mortgage, state and local taxes, and my charitable donations. I donated $14,000 to my foundation to a local University's Engineering Department to be used as scholarship for 1 student of need. That is near and dear to my heart so I do it every year. I will attend another graduation ceremony this spring for a newly minted engineer as a result! I have been paying taxes since I was 16 years old (my first job was in a movie theater - a dorky uniform, but a fun job) and I have never been auditted. In fact I have never made an error. Only once did I pay an accountant to do my taxes when I moved twice in one year for work which made for an ugly set of returns. The point is I never made a mistake because I was brought up to do the right thing, perhaps it is fear of an audit or worse, or maybe they just aren't that hard to do it right. Maybe I am just really smart. Maybe other people are having trouble with theirs and I should temper my opinion. Surely our government officials have not made taxes so difficult or complex to compute that super smart people screw it up. People like Presidential Administration Department Secretaries, surely they are able to decipher the tax code and get it right.

Apparently not so. Timothy Geithner, confirmed Treasury Secretary, and now Health and Human Services Secretary nominee Tom Daschle have both made gross tax errors in their past. The good news is they have paid their restitution to the IRS. But the question is, why now? Did they dread waking up to a new day feeling the guilt of cheating their country out of funds needed for the betterment of their country. Perhaps they attended confession and the Good Father required them to pay up to absolve them of their sins. Let's be honest shall we? They got caught years after the deeds were committed. They did not plan on coming clean until they got a call from Obama to self serve the country, the esteemed man of great ethics.

Tell me how this is better than those horrible Bush people.

For completeness I submit:

From AP:

Daschle wrote a letter to the top leaders of the Finance Committee. The letter, released Monday, sought to explain how he overlooked taxes on additional income for consulting work and the use of a car service. He also deducted more in charitable contributions than he should have. Daschle recently filed amended tax returns for 2005-07 to report $128,203 in back taxes and $11,964 in interest. "I am deeply embarrassed and disappointed by the errors that required me to amend my tax returns," said Daschle, the former Senate Democratic leader. "I apologize for the errors and profoundly regret that you have had to devote time to them."

In the letter dated Feb. 1, Daschle provided a timeline for when the errors were discovered and tax payments made. Uncertain is whether the tax issue will stall or derail Daschle's nomination. Daschle was an early supporter of Obama's presidential bid and several of Daschle's former Capitol Hill staffers went to work for Obama after Daschle, then a South Dakota senator, lost his re-election bid in 2004.

Daschle filed the amended returns after Obama announced he intended to nominate him as secretary of Health and Human Services. Daschle explained in his apology letter that the presidential transition 

 team flagged charitable contributions they concluded were deducted in error. When his accountant realized amended tax returns would need to be filed, he suggested addressing another matter that Daschle raised with him earlier in the year: whether the use of a car service provided by a close friend and business associate, Leo Hindery, should be reported as income. The unreported income for that car service totaled more than $250,000 over three years.

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Nude sunbathing in the tropics - ouch!

Tahiti was amazingly beautiful. Bora Bora is simply divine. Words don't do it justice, mine fail completely. I can tell you my fair skin has become bronze, my hair is kissed by the sun, and my mood is beaming. Mental health achieved.

And then I returned home and read my pile of Wall Street Journals. Perhaps I should have just burned them all and lived in the harmony of the islands a few days longer.


So Obama has nominated Timothy Geithner to be the Treasury Secretary. A man who forgot to pay some of his tax obligations for several years. An honest mistake surely. As one respondent put it so eloquently, either Geithner is unethical (cheats on taxes) or is "just dumber than a box of rocks. Neither option qualifies him to lead the Treasury." I say I must agree. But for Obama to endorse him as the candidate is beyond reason especially in light of his executive order on Jan 21 that purports to create such ethical standards. Put down the Obama Kool-aid, America. Burp, breath or anything to snap out of it. Where is the clamor to demanding accountability for Obama? Where are the Bush haters who would be chewing barbed wire and sh1tting nails at the prospects?

The designate-Secretary has also opened his mouth on China's currency which resulted in free fall of the value of the dollar and caused gold to soar $40 an ounce.  This is only significant given that Obama will have to borrow the money he plans to stimulate us with (most likely from overseas).  A weaker dollar is not what we want people.


In Massachusetts, land of the eco friendly and a notoriously Democratic bastion of left wing do-gooder policies, the Cape Wind project may be coming to a a new boiling point. In case you haven't heard, the plan is to build 130 or so wind turbines off the coast of Martha's Vineyard to power 75% of the region and eliminate 734,000 tons of pollution annually. I am for that, especially with all that steady wind you folks have up there in Massachusetts. Oh wait, hold on just a darned minute, what do you mean the Democrats are against it? How can this be? They are for the environment at all costs to business. They have no problem supporting legislation that affects the other 49 state's environmental impact. How can they possibly be against something as green as this project. Simple. They don't want to look at it. They are afraid of a little scenery pollution ruining the million dollar views of their million dollar beach houses. How deep does it go? The Kennedys, Mitt Romney, Congressman Delahunt are all doing everything in their power to stop it. Teddy even went on the record to say the Interior Department's study which found only negligible environmental impact, was rushed. Rushed? Alll 2,800 pages of it. Now for those of you who sympathize with the wealthy Massachusetts Don Quixotes, the view will be diminished by the same amount as your thumbnail as viewed with your arm outstretched. Hardly something to cry about.

I must point out that the approval for the project was signed by presidential authority recently. You have George W. Bush to thank. Now the question is will Obama keep the project moving forward or will he back down to the political pressure of the Massocrats? I will hold him accountable, will you stand with me?


On a more stimulating note. I went to a private island in Tahiti and found out I like going topless. In fact, one day I even went bottomless. A word to the wise, sunscreen application is critical when doing so. Be warned. And no pictures were taken (that I know of!)


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My hands smell like....?

A seven year old girl and her grandpapa go fishing for her first time. She is so excited she can hardly contain herself as they walk through the waist high grass to the pond on the back of his property. Grandpapa carries the tackle box, the poles, and a satchel filled with sodas and snacks. She carries only her great expectations to catch the largest fish every caught, at least out of Grandpapa's pond. She is a tomboy and is not afraid to bait her own hook and worms are fun to hold, especially when they squirm they sort of tickle.

Grandpapa casts her line and hands over the pole. And she waits. And waits. Her excitement soon gives over to the inevitable boredom that comes when the fish aren't biting. After an hour, she thinks fishing is zero fun and is ready to find something else to do. But what was that twitch? The bobber was pulled downward and disappeared completely! Grandpapa tells here to hold the tip up and start to reel the fish in. After several minutes of cranking with her little arm the fish was right there in front of her. Grandpapa reached down and picked the fish up with his hands. He was so excited, he grinned from ear to ear. He handed the fish over to the little girl. He called it a bluegill and it was only as big as his hand, but to the girl it was huge, a magical creature from beneath the surface. Ouch! the fins stick your fingers. They released the fish and eventually headed back to the house.

The little girl ran all the way back to the house to tell her grandma that she had caught a fish. Grandma asked how big was it to which she replied, "This big!" Holding her hands about a foot apart. "Wow, congratulations on your first fish." When the girl's parents returned, the story of the fish was retold, only this time the fish was a little bigger. Every time the fish story got a little bit bigger, eventually the legend of the fish grew to such proportions that the little girl had "actually" caught the largest fish every caught in Granpapa's pond. The fish was so big she could never hope to catch another that would live up to her legend. As a result, she was a one term, fisher girl.

Last night on Hannity, PE Obama was caught in a fish story. On Dec 19th, Obama claimed his stimulus package would create 2.5 million jobs by 2010. On January 9th it was 3 million and on Jan 10th it was 4 million. All by 2010. That is the creation of 5,500 jobs an hour for every hour starting now through 2010. Obama has proudly proclaimed that 90% of his job creation will be in the private sector. That sounds great but wait a minute....10% of 4 million is 400,000 government jobs. I submit this admission as proof that Obama plans growing government.

So what is the big deal, Smorgie? Those follks will do great things for our economy, getting them to work that is. Doing what? What will they be doing? And will they be doing it 30 years from now?

Rest assured my little minnows, the big fish will continue to eat.

I think I just felt my bobber twitch.....

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